An editorial in Politiken, Denmark’s largest newspaper, states that Obama is greater then Jesus. And if you are perplexed by this remark, The Reformed Pastor, David Fishchler helps you understand the logic:

There’s not a hint of satire there that I can see. They seem to be quite serious: they believe that Obama has several nation or world-changing accomplishments to his name… while Jesus…doesn’t. The “marginal Jew” did a few parlor tricks that might have helped a few people, and He said some lovely things, but get real. The One is saving the world, stopping the oceans’ rise, ending poverty and ensuring world peace. What did Jesus ever do that can compare with that?


  1. V. Maro G….
    I knew that under the thick mantle of angst that the heart of a comedian beat strongly. This is perhaps the funniest statement to grace these pages in some time. Comedy always cuts to the chase.

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