Can I gloat about Bramwell’s brilliantly conceived bloggy take-down of other blogger pretensions from the thrice-removed seat of an “agrarian” blog without any blog taint getting on me?  No.

But I’m still gloating.

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  1. What’s even more impressively self-promotional than signaling your brilliance and depth of thinking with a top ten books list?

    Commenting on and analyzing the top ten lists of SEVEN other smart bloggers in a way that makes it clear that you know everything there is to know about all the books they’ve chosen!

    (Extra credit to Mr. Bramwell for cleverly making knowledge of comic books an exception.)

  2. Russell – Cider House Rules made me an Irving fanatic too – although I admit I did not put him on my list of ten.

  3. Ah the incorrigible concept of “blog taint”. Somehow I think gloating so publically kind of pull some “blog taint” in your direction. 😉

  4. I’m confused, can some one help me out here. Is this Bramwell guy a conservative? Is he being serious or not? I know he’s obviously poking fun at these lists but are the views on the books his?(in other words is he a conservative who really thinks Nietzsche was great and we have produced no great works to rival Locke, Mill or Rawls?)

  5. Wessexman, yes Austin is a conservative, in his own idiosyncratic way — which is the only way one *should* be a conservative or anything else for that matter.

  6. Too be honest Jeremy I think there has to be a limit. I think one of the problems with the porcher idea is it is just too fragmented, there’s too many important non-conservative or traditionalist influences for quite a few.

    I’d hazard an opinion that Nietzsche has nothing to add to a traditionalist conservative movement, hell I’d even go as far to say that no post-descartesian philosopher(at least one within that modernist movement rather than say Jacques Maritain or Frithjof Schuon who are essentially pre-Descartesian in contents..) does.

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