A friend sent me the other day two issues of a little journal called The Publican of Philadelphia. Since I am forever worried that the Porch’s ongoing what-to-do conversation gravitates a bit too inexorably toward strictly political/economic discussions, I’d like to credit the Publican and its founding editor, Matthew Chominski, for answering the what-to-do question in a particularly honorable way: by starting a local periodical.

Warning to Caleb and Darryl: the Publican is Catholic. It also consciously draws on local writers like our own Villanova-based James Wilson for content.  John Médaille ain’t local to Philadelphia, but he is in the Publican‘s pages, and at least he’s a localist.  The driving philosophy of the Publican is very porchy, distributist, crunchy, and certainly orthodox. If you’re inclined toward things papist and/or Philadelphian, check it out.

Imitators in other regions welcomed. Even Protestant ones.

Local Culture
Local Culture
Local Culture
Local Culture
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Jeremy Beer
Jeremy Beer is a philanthropic consultant. He lives with his wife, Kara, in the Willo neighborhood of her hometown: Phoenix, Arizona. Although he likes Arizona and the land west of the one hundredth meridian generally, Jeremy is from Kosciusko County, Indiana, and considers himself a Hoosier patriot. He believes that Booth Tarkington was one of our greatest novelists, that Jean Shepherd was one of our greatest humorists, that Billy Sunday was our one of our greatest (and speediest) orators, and that Larry Bird is without a doubt our greatest living American. Jeremy obtained his doctorate in psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. From 2000 to 2008 he worked at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute in Wilmington, Delaware, serving finally as vice president of publications and editor in chief of ISI Books. He serves on the boards of Front Porch Republic, Inc., Mars Hill Audio, and Catholic Phoenix. A more complete and much more professional bio can be found here. See books written and recommended by Jeremy Beer.


  1. Hey! I love Catholics! Where else are poor protestants supposed to find good churchy conversation over beer? I even founded, edited, and published a Catholic journal of my own a while back …

    And I note that the Publican features a video of the excellent protestant Roger Scruton on its front page!

    Who said ecumenicism is dead?

    “I believe in papal infallibility, and as such I am very glad to be a protestant!” – Eric Voegelin

  2. I thought that you were going to suggest that the best thing that each of us could do would be to start a public house in our towns, villages, and megalopolitan areas. That would certainly be a career change worth considering in my case.

  3. It can be a little easier to get to the actual content of the present issue and a couple from the archives from the main Publican site:


    Glad to see the Publican mentioned. I think its the only publication where I’ve shared a meal with more than one of the contributors; another nice benefit to a local journal.

  4. I saw these being handed out at the Blond lecture at Villanova but didn’t get one. Any chance they’ll be at the Peters lecture tomorrow?

  5. Many thanks, Mr. Beer, for the kind words regarding The Publican.

    Like Brian mentioned, a better sense of the publication comes from visiting the site: http://www.thepubofphilly.com.

    An even better sense of the publication comes from subscribing though, which can be done through a form on this page: http://www.thepubofphilly.com/Subscriptions.html

    Regarding Will’s question, I won’t be making it to the Peters lecture this evening. But please do send along your address by way of the above mentioned web-form.

  6. oh, man. why do I need to read a website that praises the pabulum of Joe Pearce?! I was hoping he had disappeared for a while after his public spanking in First Things.

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