For our readers in the Oakland area, who have nothing in particular to do next Saturday, I will be speaking at the Manhattan Forum at St. Margaret Mary Church, 1219 Excelsior Ave. The talk will begin at 3pm, with mass at 5 and a reception at 6. My topic will be “The Evangelization of Business,” a subject I will tackle from the standpoint of Caritas in Veritate.

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John Médaille is a businessman in Irving, Texas, and also an Instructor in Theology at the University of Dallas, where he teaches a unique course on the Social Encyclicals for Business Students. He is the father of five, grandfather of two, and husband of one. He is the author of The Vocation of Business: Social Justice in the Marketplace and is finishing up another book, Equity and Equilibrium: The Political Economy of Distributism. John also blogs at The Distributist Review.


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