Thinking about Spills


As we wring our hands about the BP spill, far away from many of us and which we cannot undo, Wendell Berry turns his attention and effort toward an intentional spill here in Kentucky–one that has not happened yet.  

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Katherine Dalton has worked as a magazine editor, freelance feature writer and book editor.  She started in journalism in college, working at The Yale Literary Magazine during most of its controversial few years as a national magazine of opinion based at Yale.  She then worked briefly at Harper's magazine in New York, and more extensively at Chronicles magazine in Illinois, where she was a contributing editor for many years.  She has has written for various publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal to the University Bookman, and was a contributor to Wendell Berry: Life and Work and Localism in the Mass Age: A Front Porch Republic Manifesto.  She lives in her native Kentucky.


  1. That conservatives have mostly ignored that crime which is mountain-top removal mining is a scandal. In 2002 I drove to southern West Virginia with my bandmates to play in a benefit concert for a fellow named Larry Gibson, who was trying to preserve his family’s ancestral mountain homestead from acquisition by the coal companies. I had heard of the problem but had no idea what I’d find when I got there — thousands and thousands of acres that look like the freakin’ moon. Absolutely appalling.

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