There are plenty of reasons to lament, but here is a reason to hope. A school in Texas reaches out to some unlikely opponents and shows how a community can make a difference. Get a hanky.


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Mark T. Mitchell
Mark T. Mitchell is the co-founder of Front Porch Republic. He is the Dean of Academic Affairs at Patrick Henry College and the author of several books including Power and Purity, The Limits of Liberalism, The Politics of Gratitude, and Localism in Mass Age: A Front Porch Republic Manifesto (co-editor).


  1. You are right. I reached for a napkin here on my desk.
    I clealry remember a regional track meet where my son ran. There was one of his team mates who had the meet of his life–qualifying for State in 3 events when his coach thought he might have a chance in one–but there was no one there for the kid. A couple of us who didn’t really know him cheered & he appreciated it, but how much more than young man’s day could have meant to him.
    If you want to see more,

  2. That link isn’t right. If you click on my roundhead logo, it will take you to my blog where I have posted the story.
    Sorry. I couldn’t see clearly because Mark made me cry.

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