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Session 1: Mobility and the Crisis of Community
Patrick Deneen: The Liberal Self and Mobility
Allan Carlson: Why the Modern Family Keeps Moving
Christine Rosen: Technology and Mobility

Session 2: Fostering Vital Places
Mark Mitchell: Private Property and Community
Jason Peters: Educating for the Domestic Arts
John Schwenkler: Educating for Place

Lunch Speaker: Bill Kauffman

Session 3: Localism, Globalism, and the Christian Life
Josh Hochschild: Localism’s Place in Catholic Social Thought.
Rod Dreher: Religious Communities
David Cloutier: The Luxury of Buying Local

Session 4: The Habits of Local Community: Reports from the Trenches
Caleb Stegall: What the States Can Do: A Report from Kansas
Will Morrow: Local Food and Local Communities
Philip Bess: Building a Community, One Block at a Time

Local Culture
Local Culture
Local Culture
Local Culture


  1. And yet another temptation to fly across the country increasing my carbon footprint to commune with others discussing localism and human scale. Or better yet “mobility and the crisis of community”.

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