From an address calling for a renewal of agricultural work by Pope Benedict in November, 2010:

“To this end, it is essential to cultivate and spread a clear ethic that is up to the task of addressing current challenges: Everyone should educate themselves in more wise and responsible consumption; promote personal responsibility, along with the social dimension of rural activities, which are based on perennial values, such as hospitality, solidarity, and the sharing of the toil of labor. More than a few young people have already chosen this path; also many professionals are returning to dedicate themselves to the agricultural enterprise, feeling that they are responding not only to a personal and family need, but also to a “sign of the times,” to a concrete sensibility for the “common good.”


  1. Wonderful pastoral sentiments of course but without the land they once owned, are the sentiments anything beyond simply sentiment? Particularly with a cosseted conclave situated in the middle of the Roman conurbation with little space for tugging a hoe beyond the various palaces of their post-imperial existence.

    The clergy , like in Imperial Spain, reclines within the hands of the powers that be. Current governments pat them on the head and sends them on their way. Would that the power of their argument were backed up by a powerful urge to create a fertile life on this kicked around earth .

    At least in Franco’s Spain, a friar used to load a few cartridges.

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