Huppert Dairy among Hundreds Selling Out.” Boyd Huppert mourns a loss that is both personal and cultural: “The upper Midwest has been losing dairy farms at a rate once unimaginable. During the past 15 years, Wisconsin and Minnesota have seen the demise of roughly half their dairy farms.”

Wendell Berry Weekend.” Au Sable Institute is hosting a day-long discussion Wendell Berry’s writings and ideas.

Stanley Hauerwas: Modern American Puddleglum.” John Shelton writes a long essay summarizing how Stanley Hauerwas boldly takes on American liberalism, individualism, and nationalism.

The Rise of the American News Desert.” Todd VanDerWerff writes about the continuing decline of local news institutions and the political problems this exacerbates.

‘Little Money but Good Canoeing’.” Gerald Russello reviews a newly-published collection of Russell Kirk’s letters: “Being rootless does not make us free; rather it makes us bored because we have nothing to which we have committed ourselves and so we are blown about by every ideological wind or frisson of political action.”

What’s It to You?” Daniel Foster argues that Twitter is a plague, in large part because most Twitter outrage mobs latch onto incidents that “are fundamentally local issues, driven to instantaneity and ubiquity by the time-and-space-decoupling power of technology. And, woe, are we the miserabler for it.” Graham Hillard concurs. Watch for FPR’s conversation on these matters, which begins on Monday.

Some Reflections on May 1968, Now Half a Century Ago.” Peter Hitchens puts the upheavals of 1968 Paris in historical and cultural context.

’68 and Intimations of the Transcendent.” David Walsh continues a conversation about the underlying causes of the unrests in 1968. Reading these reflections may whet your appetite for the fall FPR conference. (These two 1968 essays were recommended by Jeff Polet.)