Host:  John Murdock

Guest:  Charles “Chuck” Marohn

Chuck Marohn, the founder of Strong Towns and author of Confessions of a Recovering Engineer, discusses streets, roads, “stroads,” and the perils of the American traffic system.  A trained engineer himself, Marohn once imbibed the discipline’s dominant dogmas.  Today, he advocates for cities and towns where slower moving cars can get us where we want to go faster.


 1:15      A boy from Brainerd

3:45       Strong Towns explained

6:30       What’s an engineer good for?

8:45       Breaking through with talking bears

13:15    A need for speed

16:45    So, what’s a “STROAD”?

17:45    The futon of transportation

20:30    Walking to die in the land of Dr. Seuss

27:00    Philando Castile and traffic trolling cops

36:30    I-49, $700M, and the saints of Shreveport

45:30    Lightning Round with Elon Musk, destroyed stop lights, and more

50:00    Wrapping it up, early in the morning


Strong Towns website

Chuck’s late-night video that goes viral

Steve Martin the barber is here to help

Allendale Strong fights I-49

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