Naystneetsa Katharsia

Naystneetsa Katharsia
Naystneetsa Katharsia publishes with Third Culture House. This outlet's mission includes community organizing for its readers through gatherings, workshops, and local encounters. Her book Dangerous Pleasures of Cancel Culture was published in June 2021. Write us a message if you want a pdf to print out (106 pages), or online pdf, Kindle, Nook, Kobi, Apple. All versions are for free. Here is the online version: Third Culture House does not have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Find us on!

Recent Essays

A Frenchman Discovers Silicon Valley Post-Animal Agriculture

In the book Steak Barbare, Gilles Luneau unravels the industry that depends on promoting a vegan diet and post-animal agriculture. His book sheds light not only on how labs grow protein, but also on the ways investors market a technological ideology.

Pasolini’s Lutheran Letters and Our Times

Reading the Lutheran Letters today, I cannot help but think about woke capitalism. The fundamental economic and cultural and human issues are obscured by clashes regarding discourse and slight gestures.