Robert Grano

Robert Grano
Rob Grano writes from outside Pittsburgh, where he's lived all his life, not counting two years at a small college in Dallas. For the past 25 years he's worked in various facets of the financial/insurance side of the medical industry. He has written for Touchstone, Again, and The University Bookman, as well as for several small press journals. He is also a musician (well, percussionist), and has a sandwich named after him at a local pub, which he claims is not as exciting as it sounds.

Recent Essays

Ronald Blythe at 99: A Charitable Observer from Wormingford

What makes Blythe a joy to read is this rare combination of literary erudition, keen observation of both men and nature, and a reserved, peaceful piety. What is immediately apparent and most appealing about his work is his obvious care for everything he writes about.