Stephen G. Adubato

Stephen G. Adubato
Stephen G. Adubato is a writer and professor of philosophy based in New York. He is also the curator of the Cracks in Postmodernity blog, podcast, and magazine. Follow him on Twitter @stephengadubato

Recent Essays

Stop, in the Name of Subsidiarity: Putting a Halt to Corporate Leeches

I’ve been told that workers have had to step away from the register while checking out paying customers to chase away repeat shoplifters as they hurled all kinds of epithets at them…on top of one elderly worker having a milkshake hurled at her face. As much as middle management feels bad for the workers, there is little within their power to alleviate the situation, as most of the power is in the hands of distant (and indifferent) bureaucrats.

The Sinister Agenda Behind “The Economy”: A review of We Built Reality: How Social Science Infiltrated Culture, Politics, and Power

Continuing to base economic and government models around a reductive view of homo economicus will trap us within the inhumane “reality we have made.”