Will Lyon

Will Lyon
Will Lyon lives in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin with his family. He works as a medical doctor, specializing in geriatric medicine. His interests include philosophy, medical ethics, and community, and his hobbies include woodworking, bird watching, tennis and gardening.

Recent Essays

How to Buy a Dumb Phone (and How Not to Use It): A Reflection on FPR 2023

I did some research with the help of a “dumb phone finder” which told me the functions, network compatibilities, and reviews of the available flip phones and other simplicity-oriented devices. I identified one that was an acceptable price, was still able to run one or two of the apps that I actually do need, and was compatible with my network (or so I thought).

House Calls, Handicraft, and the Human Community

The reason I lament the loss of home visits is because in the doctor’s journey to see the patient as a person (which is essential to the therapeutic relationship) the home is a rich environmental shortcut to the core of the person.

The Dignity of Craft: In Praise of Mortise & Tenon

Beyond writing about craftmanship and antique furniture, M&T explores ideas about human work in a technological age, work in the context of community, and the relationship between craft and tradition. Regardless of your interest in the nuances of woodworking, many Porchers would find reading M&T to be worthwhile.