Bill Kauffman

Bill Kauffman lives in his native Genesee County, New York, with his wife and daughter. He is the author of nine books, including Ain’t My America: The Long, Noble History of Antiwar Conservatism and Middle American Anti-Imperialism (Henry Holt/Metropolitan), which Barnes & Noble named one of the best books of 2008; Forgotten Founder, Drunken Prophet: The Life of Luther Martin (ISI Books, 2008); Look Homeward, America: In Search of Reactionary Radicals and Front-Porch Anarchists (ISI Books), which was named one of the best books of 2006 by the American Library Association and was given the Andrew Eiseman Award; and Dispatches from the Muckdog Gazette: A Mostly Affectionate Account of a Small Town’s Fight to Survive (Henry Holt, 2003/Picador paperback, 2004), winner of the 2003 national “Sense of Place” award from Writers & Books. His most recent book is Bye Bye, Miss American Empire: Neighborhood Patriots, Backcountry Rebels, and their Underdog Crusades to Redraw America’s Political Map (Chelsea Green, 2010).
Kauffman is a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal. He has lectured or given readings at many schools, including Augustana College, Brown University, Emory University, Finger Lakes Community College, Genesee Community College, Jefferson Community College, Loyola University (Chicago), Patrick Henry College, Seton Hall University, SUNY College at Buffalo, Tufts University, the University of Colorado at Boulder, the University of Louisville, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Utica College, and Wellesley College; and he has spoken at such venues as the University Club (New York), the Kansas History Teachers’ Association, the Kansas City (Missouri) Public Library, the Baltimore Bar Library, the Target Center in Minneapolis (Rally for the Republic), the Cato Institute, and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute in Wilmington, Delaware.

Reactions to Kauffman’s work include:

“A small masterpiece.” — Gore Vidal

Enjoyable and fascinating . . . dazzling . . . if you read only one political history book this year, here it is.” — Booklist

“Inspiriting and restorative.” — Edward Abbey, The Nation

“Kauffman is one of the most original journalistic voices in America today.” — Richmond Times-Dispatch

Deft portraits . . . alternating tone of wicked hilarity and sweet sorrow.” — Foreign Affairs

Novel and important . . . often perceptive and nearly always provocative.” — Benjamin Schwarz, World Policy Journal

This is my kind of book: historically grounded, fiercely honest, and wonderfully expressed, one of the best I’ve read in years.” — George McGovern

“Kauffman and I are the original patriots.” — Gore Vidal

Bill is available to speak on the following topics:

  • Look Homeward! Why Your Place Matters
  • The Drunk Who Wouldn’t Shut Up: Luther Martin vs. the Constitution

If you would like to bring Bill to speak at your event, please e-mail