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The Overlooked Lens of Multigenerational Communities

For many Americans, especially those on the coasts, in cities, and with advanced educations, life has improved in recent decades. Meanwhile, in many rural and interior parts of the country, economic growth has stagnated or declined, along with the population. While America has improved for a certain type of American, many towns and places inhabited by multigenerational Americans, whose existence is linked to one community across centuries in some cases, have declined.

The Lessor of Two Evils: How Fracking Damaged the Landscape and...

There aren’t easy answers to the problems fracking creates, and, like many industries, fracking generates losers and winners. But by spending time up close with the issues, Jerolmack models a good approach to complex problems.

Columbiana: In Want of Cram

Neither Columbiana nor Sewickley perfectly realize the role of Cram’s ideal walled town, but Sewickley comes much closer. While not perfect, it offers a real-world example of an economically vibrant, urban community.

Take Me Home

This excerpt is taken from Eric Miller's new book: Glimpses of Another Land: Political Hopes, Spiritual Longings. The Penn State University geographer Wilbur Zelinsky believes something...

A Day Late, and a Mint Julep Short

I had previously thought that Ground Hog Day was strictly a holiday for the residents of the virtuous commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Turns out that...

Why Not King of France, Kentucky?

Not even suburban planners have come up with names like Archduke Ferdinand Estates or King of England Place.

Good for Gottfried

And good for Pa. State Rep. Samuel Rohrer, about whom I know nothing. Nor do I know why such a rally for states' rights...