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Ted Lasso and the Temptation of “Aww, Shucks” Idealism

Is there an alternative to the Ted Lasso cynicism-versus-optimism dichotomy, an alternative that recognizes human limitations but nonetheless offers hope? I might start with becoming attentive enough to our ignorance, and expectant enough of our own mistakes that we not overshoot the scale of what we’re trying to do.

Abortion: Realpolitik, Kulturkampf, and Evangelization

One side has dominated the story while the other has tried to dominate the politics. But separating culture and politics is a self-defeating strategy.

Buffy Slays the Academy

Devon, PA.  Insiderhighered.com reports:  Slate published an analysis of the relative popularity (as topics to academics) of various pop culture topics. Judging popularity by the...

The Social Network Fantasy

In today’s Los Angeles Times, Neil Gabler has an insightful piece on the way in which the “gang of friends” has become the dominant social group on American television.