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Fighting Demons, Liberal and Otherwise

We like to flatter ourselves that we live in extraordinary times.  Every four years, for example, we are told that this presidential election is “the...

Obesity Rates Double. Let’s Ban Transfat.

If we continue reaching for the Twinkie, we shouldn't be surprised to find a government bureaucrat on the other end.

Doing God’s Work at Goldman’s

Regulation, as we all know, was merely a demonic attempt by closet communists to deprive us of our liberties. And the markets, being made of of sophisticated buyers and sellers was self-regulating, so the government could just bug-out. This was an article of religious faith.

Aristotle and Aquinas, Bank Regulators

But if there is one thing that both Democrats and Republicans agreed about in the 90's, it was that these “monstrosities” didn't need to be regulated.

Talking Chicken

New Castle, Kentucky.  "Simplify, simplify," said Henry David Thoreau in one of his more peaceable moments, and I repeat it through gritted teeth as...