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Tree Tipping

Many Marches ago, a tree cracked in half, and my life began to change into what it’s become today.

Live Trees and Dead Wood in the Tropics

A tended garden inevitably involves some choices, as well as planning which tree species will fruit better with more sunshine.

Not Hasty Enough: The God of the Garden by Andrew Peterson

“Growing things are good” isn’t a sufficiently coherent claim for a book. While the questions and problems that Andrew Peterson raises in The God of the Garden are thorny and complex, his ideas deserve greater development.

Life and Death in the Forest: A Review of Finding the...

Simard concludes that all of the natural world is interconnected and her conclusion is particularly poignant as she points out that the hard-won insight of her decades of research is nothing more than a “scientific” stamp of approval on the wisdom of both ancient indigenous practices and 19th and early 20th century logging and harvesting practices.

A Christmas Tree You Don’t Know Beans About

The locust tree is a rare symbol of Christmas and Easter as one.


The presence of a mature orchard is a sign of the longevity of the farm and the temperance and patience of its farmers.

On the Costs and Rewards of Planting Trees

I have just planted two apple trees from what my local nursery calls their “Posterity Collection,” heritage varieties grafted onto a slower-growing but durable and...

What’s a Localist to Do?

Hidden Springs Lane. It’s not easy being a localist. Vladimir Putin has taken Crimea and many in the West are afraid that he has...

Homage to our Jailer

We lived now in a wrecked forest, but this is only the beginning.