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The Language of Numbers

Math is certainly not the best language for every situation, but it is essential for many situations. And once we understand this, and not merely acknowledge it but shift our paradigms to understand it as a very special method of communication, we can use math without fear.

Beauty and Imagination in Christian Witness

When we see that beauty and imagination, rightly understood, are intellectual as well as affective, we no longer have to try to bridge some gap between imagination and reality.

The Triumph of the Datum

The middle of the twentieth century abounded with writers who simultaneously analyzed their own times and predicted ours: Daniel Bell (The Coming of the...

What is Truth?

A year ago, as President Trump launched yet another salvo of tweets whose express purpose was to correct allegedly "false news" with a new...

Truth on the Losing Side

Justice Scalia’s dissents in the two same-sex “marriage” cases are worth reading. The first opinion addresses the idea of judicial supremacy within the federal...

The Right to Lie

If you must lie, measure it against your own self-interest and make sure it is legal, and if at all possible try not to do it under oath.

9-11 and the Cloud of Overwhelming Force

Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, 9-11-09. Eight years ago today, and in the days immediately following, Americans found themselves bewildered. An unprecedented mood had...