An interesting case of local activism.

And bonus, hear me discuss the issue on the local KC talk show.


  1. I wouldn’t be real happy with a teacher who reduces American History down to empty-headed nationalistic military worship (if the linked site is an adequate representation, which it’s probably not) either. But bad teachers deserve due process and bad government functionaries deserve tar and feathers.

  2. He should have made sure to put one of those Rainbow Wiccan Bumper stickers next to his other campaign sticker just to confuse the tut-tutters and thought bean counters.

  3. Mixed feelings about this. If he’s a pretty good teacher, then his outside-the-class views shouldn’t matter. If he’s not so good, then it’s better all around to let him go after the “probationary” first year regardless of his views.

    Devil’s advocate: From a purely localistic viewpoint, shouldn’t the artsy-fartsy Lawrentian parents be able to pick only artsy-fartsy teachers?

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