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Waiting for Superman, and a Real Conversation

The film describes a good education as one which prepares students for the high-tech jobs available in 21st Century America. A few union supporters have objected that the purpose of education is much broader than vocational training: that ...

Why I am a Monarchist

herefore, it behooves me to cut directly to the chase, and state very clearly why I am a monarchist: “I am a monarchist because I am a democrat.”

Thanksgiving, All Too Un-Human

Thanksgiving, which may initially seem like a practice that is all too foreign to our second nature, can become an activity that realizes our more original human nature-i.e., the nature given to our species at its creation.

NPR Does Something Right

Diane Rehm has selected Wendell Berry’s novel Hannah Coulter as the “Reader Review” book for November. FPR's own Jason Peters will appear as the off-color commentator.

Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve

From "Tran-sexual" Hoosier Street Vandals to the pinched daughters of Margaret Sanger and on to the Supreme Court of California, "the new sexual inversion demands recognition, even when there are no grounds for this recognition."