“Faced with the poverty, incompetence, and weak tyranny that real, existing socialism had delivered, many Poles I knew had begun a similar intellectual journey. And today, it’s the turn of some young Chinese, who are witnessing not the collapse of Communism but its metamorphoses into a form of despotic state capitalism. Their response has been to learn Greek, Latin, and German.”

See, “Reading Strauss In Beijing: China’s Strange Taste in Western Philosophers”


  1. Thanks for the link. It seems had Strauss not existed, the resurgent Chinese would have invented him, noble lie and all. The Pas de deux between powerful States, the crusading “Great Powers” and their Terrorist bedfellows will be a long running production. China may be enjoying our life within “interesting times” but theirs is on the way, again.

  2. China is, all appearances to the contrary, in worse shape than the United States. Our banks are a model of prudence and rectitude compared with theirs, and the country has become dependent on “stimulus” which builds empty cities. See http://www.whatsonxiamen.com/news16458.html

    The tragedy of mainland China is that they had a perfectly good Chinese model of sound development in Taiwan, and they did the opposite.

    When the crash comes, it will be better to be here than there.

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