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Fleming On Liberalism

If Pico and the alchemists are read carefully, one begins to understand the modern obsession with space exploration, cloning, and the creation of life.

Will There Be Zombies?

But that is not so with computers, for no matter how many doctorates one holds in computer science, at some point the system disappears into a world of magic.

The New Geeks

“The Geek Squad” has put out a back-to-school advertisement which argues that technology will “make school easier” – mostly by making sure you are always entertained and don’t have to work. At least they ...

Ethnic Bingo

In Bingo-land it is not appropriate to talk about yourself until you have found some shared link. In general it is more acceptable to talk about who you are (your social fabric) than what you do (your claim to fame).

Get Rich! Become a Farmer.

This “summer of Hell,” to borrow Peters’ phrase, has had me in too many hospital/doctor waiting rooms. But as I was recently counting up co-pays and deductibles in my head and wondering how to rob Peter to pay Paul this month, what did I be...

A Left Turn Worth Considering

If only such voices as that of Lord Maurice Glasman received a hearing in today’s Democratic Party. According to this remarkable article in the Guardian, Glasman has the ear of Labour’s leader Ed Miliband in urging an alternativ...

Students Abroad

Caitlin Flanagan has weighed in on the phenomenon of students studying abroad, and the organizations which profit from them doing so. While these students will all discuss how they are “giving back,” what they are really doing i...