Prisoners Pedal to Produce Power

By Mark T. Mitchell for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

Meanwhile, an article from Tree Hugger:

Brazil’s Santa Rita do Sapucaí prison, following the suggestion of a local judge, recently installed electricity-generating stationary bikes as part of a plan to keep inmates active while letting them contribute to a greater good.

For every 16 hours spent pedaling to charge a battery connected to the bike, prisoners of good standing will shave a day off their sentences. The energy will then be used to power streetlights in the city that might otherwise be dark, making the community a safer place at night for everyone.

Imagine the possibilities: televisions and computers powered by stationary bikes! Decreasing obesity rates; healthier people; plummeting health care costs; Spandex stock goes through the roof. Or even better, what if every teen-age girl had to pedal five minutes to send a text message?


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