On Recent Supreme Court Rulings


As July Fourth approaches and we all pat ourselves on the back for being so free, the folks at Chronicles have  had a field day with recent SCOTUS decisions, focusing especially on Bush II-appointee John Roberts.

Writing for the London Daily Mail, Thomas Fleming diagnoses Roberts as afflicted by a malady common to “conservatives”:

I’ll spare you my reflections on Roberts’ endorsement of Obamacare.  After his anti-constitutional ruling in the Arizona case, it was clear that he had come out of his closet, not precisely as a leftist or an activist but — and I think this is far more dangerous — as an opportunist.  He has a lifetime job with, I understand, good benefits and more power than Nero or Caligula enjoyed.  What’s left to wish for?  Why, love, approval, the sense of not only being on the right side of history but of making history.  My gosh, he is thinking, it must be thrilling to be me.

Meanwhile, both Weekly Standard and National Review have sought to justify Roberts, for obvious reasons.  Do keep devoting lots of your time, attention, energy, and money to Conservatism, Inc., all you rubes out there in Flyover Country!

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