Jeffrey Polet

The Monday Morning Brass Spittoon: Roundtable on the Elections

November 3, 2014
While most of our writers are self-described conservatives, FPR has been, for the most part, a non-partisan enterprise. This is in no small part due to our shared conviction that there is something seriously broken in our political system, a…
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What Will $100 Million Buy You?

October 30, 2014
When $100 million is being spent on the governor and senate campaigns in their state, Michiganders might want to sit up and take notice.
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Social Media Request

October 27, 2014
Most of us who post here are, to say the least, neither conversant with nor adept at social media. I discovered this summer, however, in conversation with some very smart “younger” people who liked FPR, that they access our content…
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The Monday Morning Brass Spittoon: Roundtable on The Synod on the Family

October 27, 2014
The idea of the family has, since our inception, been one Porchers are particularly keen to defend. The family is a natural, integral, and inviolable unit whose very existence points to the centrality of place and, as much as any…
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Smitten With The Mitten: Beer in SW Michigan

October 23, 2014
Holland, MI Most “beer ranking lists” have Michigan somewhere in the top 5 of best beer states. I don’t need a list to tell me that I already know Michigan has an embarrassment of riches on this score, and it…
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Monday Morning Roundtable

October 22, 2014
Starting this coming Monday (October 27) readers will be invited to sit-in on our “Monday Morning Roundtable.” We’re still working on the name – The Jester suggested “The Brass Spittoon.” Every Monday we will have 4 FPR regulars engage in a conversation…
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The Modest Republic

October 20, 2014
Gracy Olmstead reviews The Culture of Immodesty in American Life and Politics. Both the review and the book are well worth reading.…
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Humbled and Grateful

October 3, 2014
After 6 or so years as Editor-in-Chief at FPR, Mark Mitchell has decided to take a well-deserved rest from his labors. He has been, in our short history, the indispensable person. Under Mark’s leadership FPR has emerged as a distinctive…
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Why I Won’t Participate in the Ice-Bucket Challenge

September 4, 2014
Holland, MI I can’t say I’m overly conversant with the history of charitable giving in America, but I can’t recall something taking off quite like this “ice bucket challenge.” In the unlikely event you haven’t heard of it, it involves,…
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The Limits of the Language of Limits

no-limits August 25, 2014
Holland, MI Over at the Postmodern Conservative, Peter Lawler has been writing quite a bit about Robin Williams, and specifically the movie Dead Poets Society (which, Peter and I agree, isn’t that good a movie). In this context Lawler has turned…
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Patriot Games

July 2, 2014
Holland, MI [Note: This is the shirt my son wore to the big screen simulcast on the lawn of the Ford Presidential Museum for the US v Belgium soccer game. He wore it because it's awesome.] As our nation –…
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Give to FPR

June 16, 2014
Dear Reader, FPR is a labor of love for most of us associated with it. We believe deeply in the ideas of place, limits, and liberty and their essential relationship to human flourishing. Running a website such as this, however,…
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FPR and Contemporary Conservatism

June 11, 2014
Check out this latest lament by Damon Linker over at The Week.…
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Getting Detroit’s Goat

June 10, 2014
When a city’s situation is as dire as Detroit’s a certain amount of creativity is required. Enter the goat. And then enter Detroit’s bungling mismanagers. Read the article, but don’t forget to read the comments.…
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Whisky Tales

May 29, 2014
“In a full bottle of whisky are all the aspirations of mankind, and in an empty one are all the failures of man.” Mike Drury As we emerge into adulthood, some of us develop a taste for whisky. The word…
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Academy of Philosophy and Letters

May 27, 2014
The Academy of Philosophy and Letters will be holding its annual conference on the topic “Civil Religion and American Self-Understanding” next weekend at the BWI Doubletree in Baltimore. There are still spaces available for those who want to attend. This…
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