June 2011 Newsletter

A boy shark and a dad shark are out swimming one day when they spot a raft on which stand a bunch of castaways.

The dad shark says, “Son, let’s go swim around that raft with about a quarter fin out of the water.”

So they do.

Then he says, “Now let’s circle that raft with about half our fins out of the water.”

So they do.

Then he says, “Now let’s circle that raft with our whole dorsal fins out of the water.”

And they circle the raft with their whole dorsal fins out of the water, whereupon the boy shark says, “Dad, why are we doing this?”

And the dad shark says, “Son, you won’t believe how much better they taste when there ain’t no crap in them.” ~Jason Peters

Front Porch Conversations Online

John Shelton Reed – Southern Conservatism”: The View from Brooklyn: The James Madison Program at Princeton often provides an unexpected breath of common-sensical fresh air in the academic fever-swamps.

James Matthew Wilson – This is my Son: Two Years Later: Two years ago this week, President Obama delivered the commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame.

Mark Mitchell - Attributes of a Gentleman: Even in a democratic age, where social classes are fluid and poorly demarcated, the gentleman is characterized by these five attributes.

Patrick Deneen – The Future of Democracy in America:This week I have been lecturing at the Ignatianum Academy in Krakow, Poland. It has been a marvelous experience thus far, including time spent in the classroom with bright students…

Jason Peters- Bar Jester Chronicles 12: What to do When the World Doesn’t End: Who could believe a compilation of disparate texts adds up to the pinpointing of a single day in the 21st century when the maker of heaven and earth is going to throw a major temper tantrum?

Russell Arban Fox –  Waking Up, Smelling the Constitutional Coffee: Dahlia Lithwick and Ezra Klein are a couple of my favorite pundits in the whole blogosphere. Lithwick is snarky, and Klein is wonky, but they’re both smart, opinionated, insightful, and informed.

FPR Conference

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