May 2011 Newsletter


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Stories from Grandpa

“Your Grandpa looks just like the Sheriff from an old Western,” a little cousin once whispered to me, clearly impressed with his handle-bar moustache and silver hair.  And though there is not much cowboy in this man raised in the heart of Los Angeles, it is a good look for a story-teller – a role he plays more often.  As his body slows down his sharp mind turns to reminiscence. “That neighborhood I grew up in was a funny place,” he begins. . .

“In other cities, the different races and nationalities mostly kept to themselves.  Well, and so they did in LA some places, I guess. But not where we were.  There were all sorts of families in our neighborhood.  Also a bunch of old bachelors.

“One of ‘em lived across from us.  One day he gets a barrel and some copper pipe – guess he was gonna make some home brew.  But didn’t know what he was doing.  He lights a match and next thing BOOM!  bout blew the roof off,” Grandpa’s impressive belly shakes as he laughs at the memory.

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