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Syria, Civil War, and Revolution

September 6, 2013
Please enjoy Nomocracy in Politics’ latest essays and blogs on Syria, the Civil War, and the American and French Revolutions: From Joseph Stromberg’s “Authorizing the Presidential Behemoth“: “Of several world-transforming projects that made 20th–century history so red in hue, two…
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Walter McDougall on American Exceptionalism

mcdougallw September 20, 2012
In the afterglow of last weekend’s gathering of Porchers, which featured a panel on American exceptionalism, a piece by Walter McDougall over at the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s website comes at a good time. (Is there ever a bad one…
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Patriotism vs. American Exceptionalism

babyflag2 March 20, 2012
Do you love America? If so, how much? Do you wear an American flag on your lapel (and look askance on those who don’t)? Do you drive only American cars? Do you prefer home-style fries to French fries because, well,…
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Conservative in America

elephant-vs-donkey-boxing February 6, 2012
Kearneysville, WV. As this election cycle grinds on, and as Washington prepares for CPAC’s 2012 event, each Republican candidate continues to claim that he best represents the conservative ideal. In this on-going contest over a word, the various contenders have…
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Who Gets To Be The Czar of Human Evolution?

vitruvian_man_mixed January 5, 2012
A response to Joe Carter from flyover country.
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American Exceptionalism or a Modest Republic?

flagcross October 17, 2011
If you are planning to run for president, here’s a word of advice: you must assert regularly and with great conviction your belief in American Exceptionalism. This seems especially true if you are vying for the Republican nomination. The particular…
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David Brooks, Internationalism, and the Coaxing of America

soldier-giving-children-candy September 8, 2011
After reading David Brooks’ “The Rugged Altruists,” which romanticizes the “giving” zeal of contemporary Americans who engage in overseas missions and relief-work, one wonders about the appropriate limits for American internationalism and charity. Many of Brooks’ anecdotes about Americans who experience…
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A City upon a Hill

american exceptionalism March 28, 2011
Conservatives are awfully fond of referring to America as a “city upon a hill;” it would be a wonderful thing if they actually made some attempt to understand what that image is supposed to signify.  When it is used by…
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The End of the World

BA07248 January 25, 2011
The gloom and doom is contagious. We live in a time when a certain respectability seems to attach to those who predict the demise of America, freedom, prosperity, or even the world.
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Democracy as Spectacle: The Messianic Compulsions of our Republic

non-profit September 3, 2010
Americans do not need a Messiah because this nation is not Heaven on Earth.
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