Next week, citizens around the country will have the opportunity to vote in the most expensive midterm elections in US history. This depressing waste of money has been going on for awhile. Thirty years ago, a candidate for the Vermont state senate held a fundraiser in protest of such extravagance. For only ninety-five cents, guests could attend this lavish shindig. Thanks to Bill Kauffman for sending this exclusive invitation my way. If you want to learn more about John McClaughry, read Bill’s review of John’s memoir and political career or read the memoir itself on FPR.


  1. Despite my fund raising prowess, I lost that 1986 senate election by 76 votes, but two years later the winning incumbent decided (prematurely) to retire, and I won handily. My main problem was that most of those inspired by this invitation had been long dead before the Civil War. After four frustrating years in the Vermont senate, I succumbed to the call of a character in Cyrano de Bergerac, who emoted “Thrice happy he who hides from pomp and power, in sylvan shade or solitary bower,” retired to my log cabin on Kirby Mountain, from which I have spent my remaining years issuing instruction to world leaders, all of which have so far been ignored, as evidenced by the results.

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