A Grave Climate Warning, Buried on Black Friday.” In the “news that isn’t news” category, Robinson Meyer summarizes the National Climate Assessment. It’s not a cheery picture.

Tallgrass.” Robin Wall Kimmerer writes lyrically in praise of the embattled—yet enduring—prarie.

The Insect Apocalypse Is Here.” Brooke Jarvis describes how data collected over decades, mostly by amateur naturalists, reveals sharp declines in insect populations.

Can We Live in a World without a Sabbath? Rethinking the Human in the Anthropocene.” Norman Wirzba reads Genesis to imagine how humans might more faithfully and attentively care for—and delight in—creation.

Episode 0: Live in Nashville.” The Membership is a new podcast focusing on Wendell Berry. Their first episode is out, and Jason Hardy, John Pattison, and Tim Wasem plan to discuss Berry’s essays, poetry, and fiction over the coming months and years.

The Steward of Middle-earth.” Hannah Long surveys the remarkable work of Christopher Tolkien in tending his father’s vision for over 40 years.

The Bright Yellow Line Over Globalization in France.” Scott McConnell reports on the gilet jaune protests that are roiling France. The ethnic and class divides that are being exposed now aren’t going to be easily healed.

What Progressives Need to Defeat Trump: Populism and Religion.” Luke Bretherton and Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins argue that “religion and democratic populism [have] generated some of the most vital moments of democratic change in the modern era.”

The Monopolization of America.” Data published by the Open Markets Institute shows that many industries in America are consolidating, and David Leonhardt reminds us why that’s a problem.

Against Bigness? Begin By Breaking Up Big Tech.” Daniel Kishi interviews Tim Wu, who suggests that Facebook is the first monopoly that should be broken up.

Book Review: The Power of Silence by Robert Cardinal Sarah.” L.M. Sacasas situates silence in a narrative about what it means to flourish as a human person. Silence isn’t a private luxery or a life hack; it’s a public good that must be cared for by communities.

Buffalo’s renaissance leaves college graduates wondering: Go … or stay?” In a piece that complements Randy Maier’s essay on the Come Home Award, Caitlin Dewey reports on how the Buffalo region is working to retain its college graduates.

The Beauty of Doing Things by Hand.” Nick Ripatrazone reviews two recent books that laud the skill and beauty of making things well.

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