The After Virtual conference podcast series closes with a focus on civics and cemeteries.  Mark Mitchell, author of Plutocratic Socialism, talks on, well, plutocrats and socialism (plus the importance of property ownership to maintaining the republic).  Rachel Ferguson, author of Black Liberation Through the Marketplace, highlights the historic role of roads in undermining minority communities and current efforts at neighborhood stabilization.  Regular conference closer Bill Kauffman regales the crowd with tales from the crypts of Batavia. 

Speakers:  Mark Mitchell, Rachel Ferguson, and Bill Kauffman 


2:30 Mark Mitchell — Why Property Matters 

3:15 FPR, born in apocalypse  

9:00 Plutocrats and socialists, a love story 

19:30 What would the Founders do?  

22:15 Rachel Ferguson — What’s Wrong with the Roads? 

23:30 Housing many things in the Black Church 

26:30 Eugenics, red lines, and roads 

30:00 Cars explained, Ike appalled 

38:00 Neighborhood Stabilization (and its All-Stars) 

46:30 “Paid to talk to me” v. the Jesus people 

50:00 Bill Kauffman —The View from the Cemetery 

51:00 Grave matters with Walt Whitman 

54:00 Masons and monuments 

58:30 Wings are overrated 

1:00 Barry Goldwater and friends 

1:04 Ontologically speaking 

1:07 Baseball R.I.P. 


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Conference videos 

Save the (new!) date:  2023 Conference in Madison, Wisconsin (October 21, 2023) 

Thanks to Wendell Kimbrough for his musical talents 

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