Chris Arnade, the keynote speaker at the After Virtual conference, has traded global finance for skid row photography.  Chris discusses his journey from Wall Street board rooms to a booth at McDonald’s and the associated rejection of careerism and self-definition. 

Speaker:  Chris Arnade—An Address in the Universe of Meaning 


3:00 Prayer time around the world 

6:45 The liberal emancipation project (of destruction) 

10:30 Transcendent values first seen in a traffic jam 

16:00 “Everything we believed was wrong” 

27:00 Place and the giant sucking sound of NAFTA 

30:00 Family ties 

32:00 The “meaning” address and its replacement 


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Save the date:  2023 Conference in Madison, Wisconsin (October 21, 2023) 

Dignity:  Seeking Respect in Back Row America  

The Substack home of a traveling man 

An NPR story on Chris Arnade 

Arnade’s work at The Guardian and The Atlantic 

Thanks to Wendell Kimbrough for his musical talents 

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