For the first of our episodes from September’s FPR conference After Virtual:  The Art of Recovering Lost Goods, we go to church.  Carl Trueman, Gregory Hogg, and Charlie Cotherman share thoughts on technology and embodied worship in a time of pandemic.  

Speakers:  Carl Trueman, Gregory Hogg, and Charlie Cotherman 


1:15 Carl Trueman 

3:00 Is it all Protestantism’s fault? 

4:00 How to take over an empire 

6:15 Reformations and technology 

11:00 Overlooked revolutionary sausages  

13:45 Our age of social acceleration  

16:45 A challenge to holy time 

19:00 A challenge to community 

20:00 Gregory Hogg 

20:15 Christians and plagues 

23:00 Masks and noble lies 

26:00 Vaccines and Canadians 

28:00 Virtual worship? 

30:00 Body and Church 

31:30 Charlie Cotherman 

32:00 Elisha’s physical engagement 

35:00 Resurrection, proximity, and presence 

39:00 Community and COVID tech 

42:30 To the statistics 

46:00 Invasive species and unholy shortcuts 


Speaker bios 

Conference videos 

Save the date:  2023 Conference in Madison, Wisconsin (October 7, 2023) 

Thanks to Wendell Kimbrough for his musical talents 

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