The second episode from the FPR conference After Virtual:  The Art of Recovering Lost Goods looks at education.  Jeff Polet discusses walking away from Hope.  Angel Adams Parham talks about the elementary power of a rapping Homer.  Jason Peters goes back to the future of the educational machine. 

Speakers:  Jeff Polet, Angel Adams Parham, and Jason Peters 


1:15 Jeff Polet—Why I Left the Academy 

2:00 The news from Nineveh  

5:30 Signs of declines 

8:30 Searching for a pony  

16:30 Jargon, gymnasts, adjudications, and generals  

23:15 Gerald Ford comes calling  

25:00 Angel Adams Parham—Education for Flourishing: K-16 and Beyond 

26:30 Cultural canons and tug-of-war 

28:15 Classics and community 

32:30 Taking creative license with the gods 

34:00 Disturbing images of beauty 

40:00 Rapping Homer, Reading Frederick Douglas, and Rediscovering Sundiata 

45:00 Resources for Learning 

47:00 Jason Peters—The Sin Against the Body: For This They Wept Not 

48:30 March madness and the managerial class 

51:45 Phone sex prophecy 

55:00 Would not a storm by any other name smell just the same 

58:00 Even better than the real thing? 

64:00 1909 all over again 

70:00 Truth buoys up 


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Save the date:  2023 Conference in Madison, Wisconsin (October 7, 2023) 

Thanks to Wendell Kimbrough for his musical talents 

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