Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens
Michael Stevens has taught in the Humanities Division at Cornerstone University since 1997, concentrating on American Literature, various writing courses, and work with students in the ‘Great Books’ Honors Program. Along the way, he discovered the confluence of nearly all his interests (local communities, gardening, Christian peacemaking) in a certain Kentucky author, and with his colleague and friend Matt Bonzo he wrote Wendell Berry and the Cultivation of Life (Brazos Press, 2008). He has been married to Linda since 1992, and they have three children: Ethan, Julia, and Gabriel. They live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Recent Essays

Looking Back to Oscar Charleston and Forward to a Strange Baseball Season

Before I begin to complain about the shortened season, the lack of travel to the usual hubs, the lack of live fanhood, it might be well to remember those who loved baseball with extraordinary intensity, yet for whom no season of major league baseball ever opened up its bounty.

Loving—But Not Believing In—Baseball

Many of Forbes’s best insights stem from this notion—baseball helps us navigate life, because much of life is also boring. It’s a game about waiting, about disappointment and failure, about reckless hope for a late rally or a triple-play to turn the tide.

Leo Durocher: The All-American Contradiction

The coming of October, and of the World Series as culmination, invites reflection on yet another season in which the home run (and the...