Mark T. Mitchell

Mark T. Mitchell
Mark T. Mitchell is the co-founder of Front Porch Republic. He is the Dean of Academic Affairs at Patrick Henry College and the author of several books including Plutocratic Socialism, Power and Purity, The Limits of Liberalism, The Politics of Gratitude, and Localism in Mass Age: A Front Porch Republic Manifesto (co-editor).

Recent Essays

FPR at 15: Friendship on the Porch

Friendship is, in fact, a vital key to any flourishing political order, for friendship is rooted in affection and a commitment to the good of the friend, which translates in the aggregate to a commitment to the common good. And friendship is necessarily local.

Plutocratic Socialism and the Corruption of Democracy

Mark Mitchell's book is the latest title published under the FPR Books imprint. If this excerpt whets your appetite, do order a copy of...

Joe Rogan’s Speech Impediment

A decent society must be characterized by individuals who reject designations of class guilt and innocence, who are capable of seeing the image of God in the face of the other, and who are willing to forgive. The alternative is the will-to-power that, in practical terms, becomes the rage-to-destroy.

The Long Road to National Healing

The rancor of this political season provides a diversion from the hard and serious work that must be done to reverse the great unraveling that America is experiencing.

Common Good or Common Fear

In times of crisis a common fear can elicit behavior that appears similar to actions born of a commitment to the common good.

COVID-19: Crisis and Opportunity

Perhaps this crisis, while revealing the fragility of many aspects of American society, can at the same time provide opportunities for a recovery.

Front Porch Republic at 10

Hidden Springs Lane, VA In the spring of 2009, when the economic crisis of the previous year was continuing to unfold, a group of academics...

Updating the Porch

The noise you are hearing is the furniture moving on the porch. You may have already noticed the redesigned site. Jeff Bilbro has taken...

Pornified Puritans and the Logic of Pornography

Hidden Springs Lane Al Franken is only the latest prominent man to be discovered as a lecherous cad if not an outright sexual predator....

6th Annual FPR Meeting to be held at The University of Notre Dame: Register Now!

Join us on October 8 at the University of Notre Dame (Bond Hall) for our 6th annual meeting. The title is Populism, Power, and...

FPR Annual Conference: October 8 at The University of Notre Dame

Join us for our 6th annual conference. This year we'll be at The University of Notre Dame. The theme of our conference: Populism, Power,...

FPR Conference Program. A Preview.

Here is the program for the upcoming FPR conference in Geneseo, NY on October 3. If you have not already done so, register here....