Tom Jones

Tom Jones
Tom Jones is a writer and a local politician in rural North Yorkshire, England. He's written about politics, ideas and architecture for The Critic, The Mallard, Bournbrook and Porridge, amongst others. He tweets, infrequently and poorly.

Recent Essays

Meaningless Manchester: Do Provincial Cities Exist?

It is meant to reference, to supplement, but also to circumvent. Manchester doesn’t do smog or spinning jennies anymore. It’s a friendly city. Come on in.

Sloe the Winter’s March

Society’s long move from the country to the city may have desacralized their meaning, but for so long has man’s festive calendar been defined by our ecological needs and vulnerabilities that it is hard to imagine us ever dropping our seasonal traditions. Some are embedded remnants of earlier religions or the inheritance of cultures long gone. Some, however, are expressions of a personal relationship, idiosyncratic rituals that structure an individual’s life.