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Building Institutions in an Age of Platforms and Hashtags

When institutions can’t serve their social function, our social problems are harder to address. And a society that cannot adequately respond to its problems is not a society that is cohesive or supportive of the people within it.

American Conservatism, and the Socialist Specter Which Haunts It Still

Back in February, Rod Dreher shared with his readers an idea for a new book: to introduce conservative Christians in America to "the warnings...

Blasphemers, Terrorists, and Liberals in Your Neighborhood

Would I read Charlie Hebdo? (Assuming I could read French, that is.) Would I want anyone in my family to read it? Would I...

Seeing Our (Non-Cosmopolitan) Selves

Some years ago, some of the folks behind F5, an alternative weekly newspaper here in Wichita, started a different (and, as it turned out,...

Untaxing the Virtues

What the political mainstream ignores, unsurprisingly, is that any change in how we raise revenue cannot be only about balancing the numbers. It also involves judgements about the texture of society and the virtues that habits of livelihood can inculcate or destroy.

A Shameless Plug

Should you have, for some reason, an interest in goings-on in the world of philanthropy and civil society, I invite you to lumber on on over to Philanthropy Daily.

What Does it Declare?

The Manhattan Declaration is almost a month old and it still a statement I regard with great ambivalence. My discomfort owes partly to...