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The Rhetoric of War Powers

I suppose we have the Constitution we deserve--but we could fight for the one we had.

Constitution Day

A reflection on Constitution as regime, by the late Wilson Carey McWilliams

Constitutional Kookiness

For years, two-faced Republican demagogues have served up phony-baloney about how much they love little country churches, Norman Rockwell paintings, and old-fashioned American life, even while they were simultaneously encouraging government-subsidized corporations to steamroll Mom & Pop businesses and turn main streets into chain-store strip-malls.

Civic Friendship

Is there a place for friendship in politics? According to ancient theory - one that continued well into modern times - not only should friendship be a main aim of politics, but without that aim, a distinctly modern form of tyranny is the likely result.

Newburgh and “President’s Day”

We have a Constitution and separation of powers and at least the idea of limited government because of the character of George Washington. Don’t think of Monday as “President’s Day.”

When Lawyers Catch the French Disease

 Devon, PA. No observer of American culture grasped its implicit contents better than did Alexis de Tocqueville, and no one since has better grasped...