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Ronald Blythe at 99: A Charitable Observer from Wormingford

What makes Blythe a joy to read is this rare combination of literary erudition, keen observation of both men and nature, and a reserved, peaceful piety. What is immediately apparent and most appealing about his work is his obvious care for everything he writes about.

James Rebanks in Conversation: Pastoral Song

James Rebanks and Grace Olmstead discuss his book, Wendell Berry, his vision for future farming methodologies, and the conversations surrounding agricultural reform in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

An Anglophile Confesses

Back in May, 2005 – on May 4, to be precise – my wife and I were invited to the 59th annual Boat...

What Colour Is the Village Green?

Often the politics of the local turns on the “who” as much as the “where.” Switzerland showed as much very recently.  The country enjoys some...