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If the U.S. Were a Christian Nation, Would that Make Christianity...

Hillsdale, Michigan. The Paris killings a few weeks ago have unleashed a number of reflections about Islam and its tendency toward violence. Robert Tracinski...

Excluding Religion from Public Life is Tricky

Protestant conservatives of the Religious Right variety may be surprised to know that the strongest arguments for undressing the public square (of religious garments)...

Peace: A Word that Shanghais us on our Road to Emmaus

Peace is a Jinn. It is that thing we are always in search of, but never enough to forget our accumulated envious resentments of those who are not like us.

Rev. Jones and the Bonfire of his Vanity

Can modern Islam countenance freedom of religion and expression? This is one of the great questions of our time.

Islam and America: The President’s Fictitious History

It is characteristic of the tyrant, however, that he thinks he can get away with lies in the sense that no one will contradict them even when his statements are transparently untrue.

The Rationality of the Doctrine of Creation

Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. This is not an argument for intelligent design. It is, however, an argument that creation is the only scientifically acceptable...