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Hannah Arendt on Labor, Work, and Dwelling—and Plastic Straws

An appreciation for labor and the cycle of nature is not itself enough for sustainable human dwelling. We also need a re-appreciation of the durability and independence of the works we produce.

Resisting Romanticism and the Elision of Labor

I thus find myself in the odd position of resisting romanticism while, nevertheless, hoping that future conditions will create that temptation.

The Local Bonhoeffer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer stands at the fore of figures of the Christian past who loom large over political theology and religious activism today. The German...

Fifty Dollar Tomato

Hillsdale, MI. When I first thought about writing this it was the “Ten Dollar Tomato.”  But historians are more or less required to tell...

Food and Freedom

RINGOES, NJ. Isn’t it interesting how quickly speculation becomes conventional wisdom? Back in the fall, when we began to hear rumblings of economic catastrophe,...