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Nihilistic Pieties: On the Souls of Woke Folk

One need not be a Nietzschean to recognize that something is rotten in the states of America and in the West more broadly. It was Nietzsche’s view that the civilization could not be saved, even if pieces of it could be salvaged.

How Equality Makes Us Better (and Stupid)

Hidden Springs Lane. The concept of equality lies at the heart of the American system. School children learn by heart (or used to) those...

Creative Fidelity and Weighty People

In Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being, the character Tomas is an inveterate womanizer, a man who takes notes on the particular physical...

The Recovery of American Beauty

Holland, MI The present age remains haunted by the specter of “atheism,” with significant consequences for our understanding of politics. I think we can...