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The so-called “wise men” of Michael Gerson and David Brooks’s imagination don’t exist.  And the same could be said of the super experts that supposedly run things in our financial regulatory bureaucracy, food safety ...

Calling All Girardians

This story (and the broader phenomena it represents which would include everything from the explosion of reality TV to Facebook) illustrates what appears to be fertile new ground for Girardian inquiry into the new forms of mimetic desire an...

Porch Banter

Michael Gerson's column this morning seems a likely candidate to spur some friendly discussion on the Porch.

Your Huddled Masses, Yearning To Make Par

I people really want to see the current state of the union, they need to take a look at my favorite part of Liberty State Park, which is the fact that it recently has been bisected – rent in two – by the Liberty National Golf Course.