Jerry Salyer

Democracy Is A Racket

71fmyledCZL._SL1360_ March 22, 2013
War and Democracy by Paul Gottfried Arktos Media Ltd 170 pp., $21.00   In this slender volume Paul Gottfried addresses everything from the influence of ancient Greek thought on Oswald Spengler, to the influence of Zionism on US foreign policy,…
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Catholic Education Today: Scientiam Viarum Tuarum Nolumus

Hell & Its Torments March 8, 2013
About a month ago I happened upon a copy of The Concord, student newspaper of Bellarmine University. In particular my eye was caught by a letter to the editor whereby undergraduate Wesley Scott addressed a contraversial 4.9% tuition raise.…
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Is America Too Big?

December 12, 2012
Is the United States dysfunctionally large, and thus destined to go the way of the giant radioactive ants once seen in old sci-fi movies?  That’s the question raised by this video discussion between Kirkpatrick Sale and Donald Livingston.…
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Standing Athwart History Crying, “Me Too!”

November 9, 2012
The GOP strategists once again react to getting clobbered by calling for an embrace of their (alleged) opponents’ policies.  After all, if only Romney could’ve distanced himself from pro-life fanatics and gun nuts he’d still be basking in the warm…
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Decision 2012: Rootin’ For Putin

November 5, 2012
The folks at Conservative Heritage Times have kindly asked me to participate in a virtual symposium — something similar to those being held by the FPR editors and the American Conservative writers.  Anyone curious about my pick for the U.S. presidency may click here.…
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Tocqueville and Beyond

October 9, 2012
In a recent interview Chilton Williamson talks about his new book After Tocqueville, described by former FPR contributor John Willson as “the best book on democracy in the past hundred years.” Of course the question of how democratic the modern West…
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Eros, Agape, and Community

September 18, 2012
From the The Orthosphere come Part I and Part II of the pseudonymous physicist Bonald’s reflections on Christianity, love, and community–reflections based in part upon the work of one of the twentieth century’s greatest minds, Dietrich von Hildebrand.…
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Neil Armstrong, R.I.P.

August 27, 2012
Regardless of how one may feel about the Space Age, the reticent Midwesterner who passed away Saturday was an American hero if ever there was one.  Prior to his historic race with the Soviets’ Lunik 15 robot, Neil Armstrong flew 78 combat missions over Korea and test-piloted…
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The Abolition of Woman

August 16, 2012
Intrepid as always, James Kalb comments on feminism.…
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The Anti-tradition of Modern Art

August 8, 2012
Those acquainted with Tom Wolfe’s essay “The Invisible Artist” or Solzhenitsyn’s “Playing On The Strings Of Emptiness” will find a familiar theme in this recent New English Review piece by poet Mark Signorelli and mathematician-architect Nikos Salingaros. Advising fellow artists to…
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Agrarianism & Gay Marriage

July 16, 2012
Rod Dreher has an American Conservative post up expressing concern regarding Wendell Berry’s views on “gay marriage”.  Dreher is reacting to statements like the following, made by Berry during a recent discussion with journalist John Miller:  “I really don’t understand…
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On Recent Supreme Court Rulings

July 2, 2012
As July Fourth approaches and we all pat ourselves on the back for being so free, the folks at Chronicles have  had a field day with recent SCOTUS decisions, focusing especially on Bush II-appointee John Roberts. Writing for the London Daily Mail, Thomas Fleming…
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Freedom Is Not The Good

LibertyBell June 28, 2012
As vice-president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Louisville’s own Archbishop Kurtz has led the way in expressing Church disapproval of the Obama administration’s health care plan.  According to His Excellency, the controversial Health and Human Services mandate…
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Is Louisville In Kentucky?

March 28, 2012
The dual fan debate.
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2012 Climacus Conference: February 24th & 25th, Louisville KY

January 16, 2012
Once again St. Michael Orthodox Church here in Louisville will be hosting the annual Climacus Conference, with this year’s event focusing on the artistic, intellectual, and spiritual legacy of Byzantium. Scheduled speakers include University of Kentucky Philosophy Chair David Bradshaw,…
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Who Gets To Be The Czar of Human Evolution?

vitruvian_man_mixed January 5, 2012
A response to Joe Carter from flyover country.
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