John Médaille

How To Not Lose to ISIS

September 6, 2014
My meditation on the question from The American Conservative.…
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Things Grow Better With Coke

July 15, 2014
The humble squash bug is truly a remarkable creature. The neonicotinoid pesticides that play such havoc with the fragile bees and birds have no effect whatsoever on the resilient squash bug. Indeed, they seem to be impervious to all pesticides;…
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Piketty’s Challenge: A Past That Consumes the Future

thomas-piketty_capital-in-the-twenty-first-century May 8, 2014
But the rate of profit does not, like rent and wages, rise with the prosperity, and fall with the declension of the society. On the contrary, it is naturally low in rich, and high in poor countries, and it is…
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Possessive Individualism: Can We Really Own Ourselves?

john-locke-portrait December 23, 2013
The bedrock principle of all Liberalism, whether of the Right or the Left, is Locke’s assertion that “every man has a Property in his own Person.” If is from this principle that Murray Rothbard can assert, “The right to self-ownership…
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The Triumph of the Liberal State

Roe_v._Wade_Headline_1973 November 12, 2013
First published in Dutch as De triomf van de liberale staat in the anthology Essays Over Het Midden (Groningen, The Netherlands: Uitgeverij de Blauwe Tijger, 2013) It was sometime back in the Dark Ages—by which I mean the 1960’s—that I watched a television program in which…
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An Imaginary Conservatism: The Realists vs. the Romantics

adamsmith September 26, 2013
Reprinted from Ethika Politika Michael Hannon has made a serious attempt to deal with the disputes between the “capitalist” and “anti-capitalist” conservatives, and such a serious attempt deserves a serious response. Since I am mentioned in the article, it behooves…
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The REPEALicans and the GOP’s Secret Hope

congress August 21, 2013
In what passes for political humor these days, Nancy Pelosi has ridiculed the GOP as the “REPEALicans.” She did so in response to the House Republicans’ fortieth vote to repeal ObamaCare, while at the same time not getting much else…
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The 3% Solution, the Cruz Gambit, the Full Rubio, and the Neo-Neocons

GOP-vs.-GOP August 16, 2013
The advantage of being out of power is that it gives a political party time to think and reflect. Better yet, it gives a party the opportunity to fight, and to fight with its most serious enemy, that is, itself.…
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Radical Traditionalists: The Fall of Triumph Magazine

fritz July 3, 2013
This article first appeared in Ethika Politika, the journal of the Center for Morality in Public Life. In May of 1970, back from the Vietnam War and newly released from the Army, I arrived at the campus of the University of…
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What Does the Boss Really Do? Business Education and the Liberal Arts

boss March 7, 2013
An address given to the Ciceronian Society at Mount St. Mary’s University, March 3. At the start of each semester, I ask my MBA students, “What are you here for? An education or a credential?” The students neither hesitate nor…
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The Pickup Truck and the Tommy Gun

pick up truck December 28, 2012
During the Republican primary, Newt Gingrich joked that “you can’t put a gun rack on [Chevy] Volt.” Newt was, of course, trying to identify himself with a rural culture while distancing himself from “tree-hugging” liberal urbanites. Whether he was right…
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Why Isn’t Romania Rich?

RomaniaFlag December 5, 2012
An address to the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, June 22, 2012 It is puzzling to note that somewhere between 4 million and 8 million Romanians have left the country. Indeed, Traian Băsescu has estimated the number as high 12…
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Reflections on the Revolution in America

pro life November 23, 2012
This article first appeared in Ethika Politika, the Journal of the Center for Morality in Public Life.  To all appearances, nothing happened. On Monday, we had a Democratic President, a Democratic Senate, and a Republican House, and on Wednesday, after the…
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The Music of The Spheres and The Terminally Tone-Deaf

ChartresGargoyle01 March 21, 2012
I was watching a film called Chartres Cathedral and the Geometry of the Sacred the other day. For some reason, the Gothic gargoyles put me in mind of the Republican presidential primaries and their rather odd assortment of candidates.  And…
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There is No Such Thing as a Bank Loan

loan February 3, 2012
“Dexia” is not a word familiar to most Americans, and if told that it is a French bank in need of a fresh bailout, the knowledge would likely elicit no more than a yawn. Interest might increase, however, if they…
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Friends and Strangers: A Meditation on Money

bartering January 12, 2012
I start my meditation with a true story that will serve as a parable. On his 21st birthday, the nature writer Francis Thompson was presented by his father with a bill for all the expenses of his upbringing including the…
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