Jeffrey Polet

Patriot Games

July 2, 2014
Holland, MI [Note: This is the shirt my son wore to the big screen simulcast on the lawn of the Ford Presidential Museum for the US v Belgium soccer game. He wore it because it's awesome.] As our nation –…
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Give to FPR

June 16, 2014
Dear Reader, FPR is a labor of love for most of us associated with it. We believe deeply in the ideas of place, limits, and liberty and their essential relationship to human flourishing. Running a website such as this, however,…
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FPR and Contemporary Conservatism

June 11, 2014
Check out this latest lament by Damon Linker over at The Week.…
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Getting Detroit’s Goat

June 10, 2014
When a city’s situation is as dire as Detroit’s a certain amount of creativity is required. Enter the goat. And then enter Detroit’s bungling mismanagers. Read the article, but don’t forget to read the comments.…
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Whisky Tales

May 29, 2014
“In a full bottle of whisky are all the aspirations of mankind, and in an empty one are all the failures of man.” Mike Drury As we emerge into adulthood, some of us develop a taste for whisky. The word…
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Academy of Philosophy and Letters

May 27, 2014
The Academy of Philosophy and Letters will be holding its annual conference on the topic “Civil Religion and American Self-Understanding” next weekend at the BWI Doubletree in Baltimore. There are still spaces available for those who want to attend. This…
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Wholistic Chef

May 22, 2014
A most interesting piece over at The Atlantic wherein a world-class chef discusses his epiphany concerning the interrelatedness of flavor, sustainable farming practices, local cuisines, and supporting farms financially. Well worth reading. H/T: HM…
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Lecture at Hope

April 15, 2014
West Michiganders: Michael Federici of Mercyhurst University will be lecturing on Hope’s campus in the auditorium of the Martha Miller Center (10th and Columbia) this Thursday, April 17, on the topic “The Constitutionality of Obamacare’s Contraception Mandate.” The lecture will…
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Holland, MI: The Movie

April 9, 2014
Hollywood wants to make a movie set in Holland. Uh oh.  …
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Hope for Peters

April 2, 2014
For those in the Great Lakes region, our own Jason Peters will be speaking this Thursday (April 3) in the Schaap Auditorium at Hope College. His lecture is entitled “What is Wendell Berry For?” The lecture is at 4PM. The…
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Good Beer

January 19, 2014
If you’ve not yet read Jeremy Beer’s piece over at Anamnesis on “Communio, Economics, and the Anthropology of Liberalism” – well, what are you waiting for? Get thee and read posthaste.…
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Waiting for Benedict

December 13, 2013
Those long haunted by Alasdair MacIntyre’s plea at the end of After Virtue - for that matter, even those who aren’t – may wish to read Rod Dreher’s piece on “The Benedict Option” over at The American Conservative.…
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The Gates of Hell

December 11, 2013
Jeremy Beer gave a brilliant presentation at the FPR Conference on the problems associated with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, or “big philanthropy” in general. Over at Mother Jones is this interesting piece on the investment portfolio of the foundation.…
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Visit Michigan

December 10, 2013
Do Porchers travel? Well, if they do, they can hardly do better than to come to West Michigan – God’s country if ever there was one. So says The Lonely Planet. If any fellow-travelers come to the area I’d be…
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Youth is NOT Served

November 25, 2013
I discuss frequently with my Intro to American Government classes what current redistributive policies are likely to mean for them. Along with receiving the majority of the Catholic vote in 2012, the continued support of young persons for the President…
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Dwindling Towns

November 19, 2013
Over at Urbanplains Magazine is this interesting piece on the disappearance of small, urban towns. It’s one of the catastrophes of our age.…
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