Skyler Reidy

Nature, Labor, and a Goat Named Alcibiades

goat-relaxing-on-pasture-1409961-m January 27, 2014
As I cranked the lever I could watch the forest become pasture. I was using a come-along, a simple winch for tightening wire, to run a new fence.  As the fence slowly came into existence, this tiny parcel of the…
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Airports are Non-Places

waiting-for-a-flight-1431536-m November 21, 2013
As I write this, Edward Snowden is moping his way through exile in the Moscow airport. He can’t leave because crossing through passport control would mean legally entering Russia, and a diplomatic fracas would ensue. So he sits, amid the…
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The Monster and the City

Frankenstein's_monster_(Boris_Karloff) November 11, 2013
“I was, besides, endued with a figure hideously deformed and loathsome; I was not even of the same nature as man.” So says Frankenstein’s creature. After being animated, the beast fled from the laboratory and embarked on a painful journey…
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John Taylor of Caroline and Energy Policy

john taylor June 13, 2013
When Odysseus visited Hades, he spoke with many of the greatest fallen Greeks: Achilles, Agamemnon, the prophet Tiresias. He sees many others, and considers seeking out Pirithous and Theseus. “But ere they met my view,” Odysseus says, “The kindred of…
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The Coiled Hose

hose May 28, 2013
I spent the last eight months working on a dairy farm, and every morning after finishing milking and cleaning the stanchions, I would coil up the hoses in the corner of the dairy barn. This was a simple task and…
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The Country That Banned Milk

cow portrait February 14, 2013
What would we think of a government that banned milk? Would we think it over-reaching, even oppressive? Would we condemn it for rejecting a great gift from God? Would we assume its policy-makers and many of its citizens were deeply…
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The Politics of the Clothesline

clothesline-590 November 28, 2012
Yesterday I ambled towards my cottage, returning from putting the cattle out to pasture for the evening. The sun was sinking low in the Texas sky, turning the clouds to faint orange and brilliant pink. As I neared my humble…
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